How to Plant a Potted Tree or Shrub

Find local resources for gardening, landscaping and horticulture organized by State.

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Alabama Cooperative Extension – Lawn & Garden 
Knowledge can improve the enjoyment and safety of your home and property while ensuring the safety of Alabama’s environment. Extension teaches practical problem-solving for your home, lawn, and garden.


UAF’s Gardening in Alaska
Gardening in Alaska can be a challenge for those new to planting and harvesting during a shorter growing season. Extension's publications catalog can guide you to flower and other plant variety lists that will help you choose plants complementary to your area's climate.


Arizona Extension – Home, Garden & Landscape
This website contains information for homeowners, landscape professionals and gardening enthusiasts. This is the place to get information on what to plant around the home and how to best care for those plants, including trees, shrubs, flowers and garden vegetables. Information for commercial and home lawn care, pest management and irrigation systems can also be found here. Looking for information on controlling pests in your home or around your local school – it’s all here!


Arkansas Home & Garden
This site provides a broad range of information for homeowners, home gardeners, and Master Gardeners. Search for answers to your landscape & gardening problems. And don't forget that your county extension office has loads of information, can answer questions, and help solve home & garden problems.


University of California – Gardening Extension
An information portal that focuses on sustainable gardening throughout California’s many regions.


Colorado State Garden Extension
The Mission of Extension is to provide information and education, and encourage the application of research-based knowledge in response to local, state, and national issues affecting individuals, youth, families, agricultural enterprises, and communities of Colorado.


Cooperative Extension - Horticulture
Connecticut's Cooperative Extension System offers a variety of programs in plant and animal agriculture and consumer horticulture.


Delaware Extension – Lawn & Garden
Gardening in Delaware is both rewarding and challenging. With resources such as fact sheets, workshops, demonstration gardens, the garden help line, and close cooperation with the soil testing laboratory and plant diagnostic clinic, the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension professionals and volunteer educators can provide you with the assistance necessary to be successful.

District of Clombia

DC Urban Agriculture and Master Gardenining
DC Master Gardeners, revitalized in 2002, is a volunteer program affiliated with land-grant universities. Volunteers utilize research-based information to educate the public on best
practices in horticulture and environmental stewardship.


Universtiy of Florida - IFAS Extension
UF/IFAS Extension encompasses thousands of Extension faculty members, scientists, educators, administrative staff, and volunteers, all working to provide solutions for your life. Florida gardening presents unique challenges, so we offer research-based assistance, information, and advice. Whether you are developing a vegetable garden, choosing landscape plants, or seeking information about lawn care, our resources will help you make your yard green and beautiful.

Florida Yards

Learn about native plant species and environmentally smart landscaping ideas.

Florida Native Plant Society
The Mission of the Florida Native Plant Society is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.

Florida Wildflower Foundation
The Mission of the Florida Wildflower Foundation is to enrich lives with Florida native wildflowers through education, planting and research projects.

Florida Association of Native Nurseries
The leading professional source of information for native plants and sustainable landscape services, expertise and education.

Plant Real Florida 
The leading source of information for homeowners on native plants and sustainable landscape services, expertise and education.



UGA – Horticulture & Garden
Georgia's agreeable climate means that residents of the state have ample opportunities to exercise their green thumbs. Whether it's lush lawns or riots of flowers, fruit trees, and shrubs, home gardeners in Georgia have many options for beautifying their landscapes.


University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension – Home and Garden
Provides the public with unbiased, research based information and sustainable management practices in tropical horticulture suitable for home gardens, local landscapes, urban environments and the community.


Idaho Landscapes and Gardens
Get answers to your gardening questions at our new Idaho Landscapes and Gardens web site. You'll find abundant information and resources designed specifically for Idaho gardeners. Our tips will help you create a healthy, attractive garden or landscape and keep it looking good throughout the season or year.


University of Illinois Horticulture Extension
University of Illinois Extension is the flagship outreach effort of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, offering educational programs to residents of all of Illinois’ 102 counties – and far beyond.


Purdue Consumer Horticulture
A wealth of information that has been prepared with the Midwestern U.S. in mind; however, much is applicable to gardeners around the globe.


Iowa Extension and Outreach - Gardening
Provides Acreage Living newsletter, Gardening in the Zone, Horticulture Extension, Hortline,
Iowa Master Gardener Program, Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic, Yard and Garden Online.


K-State Research and Extension
You may have heard of our Master Gardeners program, Prairie Star flowers, or horticultural research and extension centers in Olathe, Haysville, and Chetopa. Find out what else you can learn from us by checking out our vast publications library.


Featured Site: eXtension - Gardens, Lawns & Landscapes
This site contains links to thousands of pages of information and articles on Kentucky Landscaping and gardening.


LSU AgCenter – Home Gardening
The LSU AgCenter offers home gardeners and landscapers the opportunity to develop their skills and share their knowledge with others.


Welcome to Cooperative Extension: Gardening & Horticulture
provides practical, how-to solutions based on university research. Whether you attend our workshops, use our publications, read something in the newspaper, or hear it on the radio, UMaine Extension information is where you are.


University of Maryland – Lawn, Home & Garden Extension
The University of Maryland Extension has educational programs, applied research projects, and lots of information for Lawn, Garden & Home.


Center for Agriculture – For Consumers and Residents
Services Available to Consumers and Residents include Soil testing, Plant problem diagnostics, Online tools for forest land owners, Online publications (coming soon), Search for reference information, Training to monitor water quality on the lakes, rivers, and estuaries of Massachusetts (Massachusetts Water Watch Partnership).


MSU Extension – Lawn & Garden
Whether you are looking to save money, love fresh flavor or just enjoy working with nature, Michigan is a great place for growing fruit, vegetables, flowers and landscape plants. Michigan State University Extension offers many resources ranging from pest and disease management to keeping turf, landscapes and gardens looking beautiful.


University of Minnesota – Extension
University of Minnesota Extension garden experts help assure beautiful, bountiful, and sustainable yards and gardens in Minnesota.


Mississippi State University Extension
The Mississippi State University Extension Service provides information and education to home gardeners. This area of our website is designed to help the home gardener find needed information about all aspects of gardening in Mississippi.


MU Extension – Lawn & Garden
University of Missouri provides in depth resources about gardening and landscaping in the state of Missouri.


Montana State University Extension – Yard & Garden
MSU Extension’s horticulture programs, publications and links provide expert yard, garden and urban integrated pest management resources for individuals and business throughout Montana.


UNL Extension – Home, Lawn and Garden
UNL Extension is committed to helping you know more about maintaining a healthy home, creating sustainable rural or urban landscape, protecting and managing water resources, properly managing insect and wildlife pests, and more.


University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Our horticulture programs provide and teach homeowners about the resources available for lawn and gardens in the State of Nevada.

New Hampshire

UNH Cooperative Extension Education Center
We offer in-person support and a University Connection. Extension provides practical education you can trust, to help people, businesses, and communities solve problems, develop skills, and build a better future.

New Jersey

Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Whether in an urban, suburban or rural landscape, tending the home or garden comes with a number of challenges involving insects, weeds, trees, shrubs, turf and critters. New Jersey residents spend significant time and money coping with these challenges--but not alone, thanks to the vast array of services offered by Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES).

New Mexico

NM State University – Yard & Garden
A collection of NMSU's Extension and research resources to help you learn how to use your resources to create the ideal garden or landscape environment perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

New York

Cornell Cooperative Extension - Gardening
Cornell Cooperative Extension, through the Cornell University Department of Horticulture, provides resources on growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, and houseplants as well as lawn care.

North Carolina

North Carolina Cooperative Extension – Lawn & Garden
North Carolina Cooperative Extension helps gardeners learn more about new plants, native plants and environmental stewardship. Extension-trained Master Gardener volunteers are instrumental in these efforts, sharing their knowledge of plant selection, cultural practices and pest management with fellow gardeners, school students and others.

North Dekota

NDSUExtension – Lawn Gardens and Trees
North Dakota State University has funds available to support youth gardening projects in North Dakota. Grants up to $1,000 are available on a competitive basis. Efforts will be made to support youth gardening programs in as many counties as possible.


OSU Extension - Garden
Using OSU Extension as a resource, homeowners enhance the value of their homes and communities via gardens and other home-landscaping projects. Master Gardener Volunteers are trained in many communities throughout the state to apply and share research-based yard and garden information with local consumers.


The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.
The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service develops programs document and provide information about Gardening, Insects & Pest Management in Oklahoma.



Oregon State University Extension Service - Gardening
Using sustainable and research-based techniques, learn how to grow your own vegetables, connect with other gardeners, or use Ask an Expert to seek gardening advice. Watch a video about the OSU Master Gardener program in Newport, Oregon.



Penn State Extension – Gardening
A great resource for gardeners who are interested in indoor gardening, vegetable and herb plants, flowering annual and perennial garden plants, landscaping and so much more.

Rhode Island

Home & Garden Information Center
The Home & Garden Information Center (HGIC) provides research-based information on landscaping, gardening, plant health, household pests, food safety & preservation, and nutrition.

South Carolina

Home & Garden Information Center
The Home & Garden Information Center (HGIC) provides research-based information on landscaping, gardening, plant health, household pests, food safety & preservation, and nutrition.

South Dakota

SDSU Horticulture Extension
We have expertise in trees and shrubs, vegetable crops, fruit production, ornamentals, and lawn care. We are here to serve you, whether you're a homeowner with a question about why your pine trees are dropping their needles, or a commercial grower wanting to know how to prune your grapes.


UT Extension - Lawn, Garden & Landscape
UT Extension provides programs to help homeowners and nursery owners with plant, turf and landscape issues. Whether it is planting a tree in your yard, identifying an insect that's gnawing on your plants, treating a fungus in your lawn, or deciding which fertilizer to use, UT Extension has the knowledge and expertise to help with garden, lawn and landscaping questions and problems.


Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service –Lawn and Garden
Aggie Horticulture began serving gardening and horticultural crop production information in October, 1994. Our factsheets, guides and databases are based on years of testing and practice. More than 50 teachers, scientists, and Extension specialists contribute their work to this website. Our goal is to serve the students, producers, professionals and gardeners of Texas…and the World.


Utah State University -  Yard and Garden
This integration of teaching, research, and public service enables the Cooperative Extension System to provide comprehensive information and resources on gardening and landscaping in Utah.


UVM Extension – Lawn & Garden.
We all enjoy fresh garden-grown fruits and vegetables. By using proper techniques, yards and gardens can be both beautiful and productive and it is possible to produce top-quality crops while maintaining soil fertility and protecting our natural waters. A variety of programs and resources are made available on our website and support from the Master Gardner program is just a click away.


Virginia Cooperative Extension
Virginia citizens are more interested in growing their own food and caring for their personal landscape than ever before.  Virginia Cooperative Extension is committed to helping citizens know more about maintaining a healthy home environment, creating sustainable rural or urban landscapes, protecting water resources, growing a garden, and properly managing pests and wildlife.


West Virginia

WVU Extension Service – Lawn & Garden
Gardening is a popular pastime for many West Virginians, but for those who didn’t have the opportunity to learn the basics at home, WVU Extension Service offers up how-to tips to get your garden started and growing in no time.


University of Wisconsin Horticulture Extension
The Urban Agriculture/Horticulture Team provides research and educational support for the rapidly expanding horticulture industry in Wisconsin. The team provides the educational foundation to facilitate use, production, maintenance and appreciation of horticulture in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


UW – Horticulture Programs
Extension Horticulture at the University of Wyoming offers technical expertise in the following areas: Commercial Horticulture, Diagnostic Help, Farmers Market Information, From the Ground Up (videos), Home Horticulture, Master Gardener Programs, Native Plants For the Intermountain West, Pests and Pesticides, Plant Health Alerts, Small Acreages,  Weed Identification and much more for the State of Wyoming.