Why Sell on LocalPlants.com

  • It is Free!

  •  Don't lose the next generation to the convenience of Big Box retailers!

  • You don't need to be an internet genius, or spend tons of $$$ hiring one!

  • Spend your time on what you do best!

  • Have a website? Great, we will drive traffic to it!

  • The #1 reason people shop online isn't price.....it's 24 hour shopping and convenience!

  • We have the customers all you need to do is join!

How it Works

You are the Boss

You determine the products you sell, prices, zip codes you deliver to, days you deliver, and terms of sale. The only things we require are:
      1. Deliveries are made once a week
      2. Delivery fees are limited to $25 (with an optional $25 minimum order)
These requirements are only in place to help keep customers happy and coming back. Thanks for understanding.

It Is EasyPlant Delivery

All you need is a Free Business PayPal account to get started.  Don't have PayPal? Sign up here.

To view sample product listings search the 11111 zip code for Plants, Potted Gardens, and Related Products.

To setup a free account, click on the following link.

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